Open The Bible And Point

 There was once a man. He was very poor and his life was in shambles -- his
 wife left him, took all the money, kids, car, and even his dog. He didn't
 know what to do. So, he went to his Rabbi, and asked, "Rabbi, my life is in
 ruins. My wife left me, took all the money, kids, car, and even my poor
 little dog. PLEASE help me."

 The wise Rabbi replied, "open up the Bible to any page and point to a
 sentence on that page. Whatever it says, you do."

 So, skeptically, the man went home, took out his dusty Bible from the attic
 and opened up to a page and pointed to a word.

 A few months later, the same man, now rich with a new wife, and new dog
 walks into the Rabbi's study and says, "Rabbi, thanks for the advice. You
 changed my life!"

 The Rabbi asked, "What did I do that helped so much?"

 So, the man answered, "Well, remember when you told me a couple of months
 ago to take my Bible, open up to any page, and point?"

 "Yes," replied the Rabbi, "what did you point to?"

 So the man replied, "Chapter 11."

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