Bar Mizvah Reception

Herman Greenbaum had suddenly come into a large sum of money when 
his small manufacturing company was acquired by a multi-national 
conglomerate.  This was fortunate, as Herman's son, Izzy, had just 
turned 13 and it was time to plan the Bar Mitzvah.

In keeping with his new station in life, Herman calls up the 
fanciest catering company on Long Island and asks for their "free 
party planning consultation."

The caterer arrives at Herman's palatial new house and beings to 
describe a number of possible options.  With each suggestion, Herman 
shrugs and asks, "But can't you come up with something more 
unusual for my little Isadore?"

"Well," asks the caterer, "is there anything in particular that your 
son really likes?"

Herman thinks for a minute and then responds, "Well, he likes animals.  
We got him a cocky spaniel and he really love to play with the dog."

"Aha," say the caterer.  "I think I have just the thing!"  And, with 
the authority of a craftsman who truly knows his trade, the caterer 
describes his proposal:

  "On the eve of the Bar Mitzvah, we will rent an entire floor 
  at the Plaza in New York to accommodate all of the guests.  We 
  will take them to the synagog by limosine and then return to 
  the Plaza for an elegant seven course formal dinner.

  "Following the dinner, when they return to their rooms, they 
  will each find a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne and fresh 
  cut flowers in a sourvenir Steuben crystal vase etched with 
  a likeness of your son and the date of the Bar Mitzvah.

  "The next morning, the limosines will line up in front of the 
  Plaza and, with an official police escort, will take everyone to 
  JFK airport where we will have chartered two Concordes to fly the 
  Bar Mitzvah boy and the entire Bar Mitzvah party to Israel.  

  "There in the old city of Jerusalem, your rabbi will lead the boy 
  through his Torah and Haftora portions.

  "Following the ceremony, the guests will be chauffeured back to 
  the airport where they will board the waiting Corncordes for a 
  champagne reception as the planes break the sound barrier in 
  close formation.

  "The planes will then land in Nairobi where the guests will be 
  met by an entourage of elephants who will carry them on a safari 
  throught the great Serengeti preserve while three acclaimed 
  photographers from the National Geographic snap pictures of your 
  son and the guests with the exotic wildlife as a cherished momentos 
  of the occassion."

Herman is duly impressed and agrees that this will be a truly fine 
celebration for little Izzy.

Come the night before the Bar Mitzvah, everyone arrives at the Plaza.  
The freshly polished limosines are all lined up to take the guests 
to the synagog.  The dinner is more spectactular than even Herman 
imagined.  Everyone is delighted with their accommodations.  The next 
morning, the trip to JFK airport is led by a police escort with small 
Israeli flags fluttering from the back of the police motorcycles.

The trip to Israel on the Concordes is perfect.  Little Izzy gets to 
read his Torah and Haftora portions with barely an error.  The guests 
enjoy the champagne reception at the speed of sound and are delighted 
when they see the elephants lined up at the Nairobi airport.

Off they head into the Serengeti nature preserve while the National 
Geographic photographers snap photographs of little Izzy and the 

But soon the entourage comes to a complete stop in the middle of the 
grasslands.  The procession does not move.  Ten minutes go by.  Then 
twenty.  Then an hour.  The sun is hot and the guests are becoming 
restless.  Finally, Herman grows concerned enough to instruct the 
handler of his elephant to have the elephant kneel down so that Herman 
can get off and find out what's happening.

Herman walks up the line of elephants, reassuring the guests.  As he 
nears the front of the safari, he meets the caterer who is coming in 
the opposite direction.

"What's going on??" asks Herman, his voice quivering with dismay.

"Now, now, Mr. Greenbaum," replies the caterer, reassuringly.  "You 
will just have to be patient.  There is another Bar Mitzvah ahead of 

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