Every year the International Internet Association (IIA) sponsors an
	Internet Cleanup Day.  All the data that is passed through the net
	leaves debris and dust in the data lines.  This debris will slow data
	flow, and can even pose a fire hazard if not cleaned out regularly.

	So, every year a day is set aside when powerful network cleaning
	robots will crawl all around the net blowing out data lines with
	compressed air.  This compressed air will be packetized in the routers
	and distributed around the network, cleaning the data dust out of even	
	the most otherwise inaccessible data lines.

	This year the International Internet Association's cleanup will be
	held today.  This is an excellent time to clean up the net, as traffic
	normally picks up in the first two weeks of April in the USA as tax
	time approaches on the 15th of the month.  A bit of preventive
	maintenance at the beginning of the month could help everyone get
	their taxes filed on time. 

	What's all this mean to you?  Not much really.  But when the air gets
	to the other end of data circuits it will escape.  You might notice
	unusual bursts of air coming from the front grilles of your PC's,
	servers and routers.  You might notice some extra data dust around
	your keyboard, or under your mouse.  It's not dangerous, so just wipe
	it up with a damp paper towel and go back to your normal activities. 

	In some, very rare, cases the blasts of air and the flying data dust
	can scramble the data passing through the net.  We have software in
	place to unscramble any email that might get scrambled during the
	You can avoid this inconvenience by shutting down all the computers,
	servers, routers and other equipment you have connected to the net on
	April first, and logging in again on the second.
	If you need the email unscrambling software, just drop us a note and
	we'll send it to you, or you can get it from our web site 

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