Sure, it seems easy being a space alien. You've got your x-ray
	vision, your late model space ships and media coverage galore.  But,
	as usual with most glamour jobs, there's a lot of nitty gritty work
	the public doesn't get to see.  The job can become routine, and even
	a bit tedious, as we learned when we stumbled upon this intriguing
	page from...

	S P A C E  A L I E N ' S  L O G  B O O K
	8:15 AM Leave asteroid for work.
	9:00 AM Hover over cornfield on outskirts of small Midwestern town.
	9:30 AM Land in backyard where housewife is hanging laundry.  Silence 
		barking dog with penetrating gaze.

	10:00 AM Stun housewife with laser-gun or energy pulsating fingertips. 
		Levitate her body just long enough to be glimpsed by a passing
		motorist. Materialize the body inside spaceship.

		Remove internal organs; weigh, label and categorize. Return most, 
		if not all, to the body. Erase all traces of surgery.

		Rematerialize housewife in backyard. Turn back time two hours. 
		Bid enigmatic good-bye. Leave.

	1:00 PM Visit once prestigious astronomer who everyone thinks has gone 
		mad.  Deliver pep talk. Leave him fist-sized fragments of an 
		unidentifiable element.

	2:15 PM Drop by Whitley Strieber's house, pick up royalty check from
		best seller. Communion.

	3:00 PM It's Saturday; Beam Mulder psychic impressions where to go

	3:20 PM Hover over southwestern desert.

	3:30 PM Offer psychotic drifter a lift.

	4:30 PM Pose for cover of "Weekly World News" with Pres. Clinton.  Discuss 
		ozone depletion, space travel, scandal evasion, future political 

	6:30 PM Back at the asteroid. Introduce psychotic drifter to other aliens. 
		Listen to Windham Hill.

	9:00 PM Dinner. Eat drifter.

	10:00 PM Wash antennae, brush eyeballs, peel off outer layer of skin. 
		Beam cryptic message to NASA satellite. Lights out.

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