Yiddish Poem

Don't believe that Yiddish is "dead-- far from it! Here's a sample:

		I'm a very smart Mensch with a Yiddisher Kupp, 
		So I never forget when your birthday comes up!
		And  because I ain't a Schlemiel or a clown,
		I Schleppt myself out to the best shop in town!

		To the guy at the register ringing up the gelt
		I said: "let me have the best card in der Velt!"
		So, he tipped me his Yarmulka,
		bowed with great style,
		And wrinkled his poonim with a wonderful smile.

		Then he gave me his card, very warm and gishmock,
		To wish you great Mazel as "Shtark as a Rock."
		Plus birthdays that come back again and again,
		With Glick and Gezunt, Biz a "Hundert und Tzen!"

		So, this card, you'll agree, 
		is the best I could get,
		Not just in der Velt, but the Universe yet!
		So, Tutt Mir a Tayva, be nice as can be, 
		And Ven Ich Hab a Birthday....RETURN IT TO ME!

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