Chain Letter for Women Only

   This letter was started by a woman like yourself in the hopes of
   bringing relief to other tired, discontented women.

   Unlike most chain letters, this one doesn't cost you anything.  Just
   send a copy of this letter to twelve of your friends who are equally
   frustrated.  Then bundle up your husband or partner, send him to the 
   woman whose name appears at the top of the list, and add your name to 
   the bottom of the list.  When your name comes to the top of the list 
   you will receive 16,877 men.  One of them is bound to be a hell of a 
   lot better than the one you already have.

   Do not break the chain.  One woman broke the chain, and got the old
   son-of-a-bitch back again.

   At this writing, a friend of mine already received 384 men.  They
   buried her yesterday, but it took three undertakers to get the smile 
   off her face, and two days to get her legs together, so they could 
   close the coffin.

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