Shakespearian Insults

In need of just the right name for that enemy or loved one? I think the
Bard just about covered everything.

Drone, snail, slug, sot, ass, drunkard, churl, malt-horse, capon,
idiot, patch, minion, baggage, goer-backward, cuckold, drudge,
empiric, taffeta punk, scolding queen, scurvy lord, witty fool,
clog, timorous thief, rude boy, caitiff, hater of love,
despiteful Juno, filthy officer, jackanape with scarves, ring-
carrier, hilding, bubble, hourly promise-breaker, notable coward,
infinite and endless liar, coxcomb, sprat, counterfeit module,
double-meaning prophesier, past-saving slave, botcher's
apprentice, shrieve's fool, dumb innocent, foolish idle boy,
dangerous and lascivious boy, damnable both-sides rogue, flinty
Tartar, snipt-taffeta fellow, unbaked and doughy youth, red-
tailed bumblebee, carbonadoed face, hideous object, common
gamester, perfidious slave, equivocal companion, common customer,
wrangling queen, common liar, saucy eunuch, amorous surfeiter,
monstrous malefactor, strange serpent, ribaudred nag, you kite,
Jack, boggler, old ruffian, triple-turn'd whore, witch, vile-
lady, old dog, mechanic slave, odd worm, whoreson devil, mortal
wretch, venomous fool, unworthy brother, peasant, envious
emulator, monster, nature's natural, cutter-off of nature's wit,
cur, mannish coward, clownish fool, toad, fat and greasy citizen,
roynish clown, dog-ape, compact of jars, you of basest function,
rude despiser of good manners, natural philosopher, crooked-pated
old cuckoldy ram, nut, dull fool, saucy lackey, fancy-monger,
mannish youth, foul slut, confirmer of false reckonings, puisny
tilter, noble goose, common executioner, nature's sale-work,
abominable fellow, tyrant, motley-minded gentleman, ill-favored
virgin, idle creature, saucy fellow, common laugher, eternal
devil, fleering tell-tale, serpent's egg, old feeble carrion,
shrewd contriver, carcass fit for hounds, barren-spirited fellow,
jigging fool, monstrous apparition, peevish schoolboy, disguised
cheater, prating mountebank, cuckold-mad, horn-mad, prating
peasant, unfeeling fool, foolish gnat, hind, curtal dog, drunken
slave, backfriend, shoulder-clapper, Lapland sorcerer, devil,
devil's dam, fiend, doting wizard, dissembling harlot, peevish
officer, unhappy strumpet, mere anatomy, mountebank, threadbare
juggler, fortuneteller, fat friend, belly, rascal, dissentious
rogue, quartered slave, fragment, shame of Rome, base slave,
fusty plebeian, debile wretch, hereditary hangman, old crab-tree,
horse-drench, kitchen malkin, vengeance proud, timepleaser,
flatterer, foe to nobleness, Triton of the minnows, old goat,
rotten thing, viperous traitor, general lout, common cry of curs,
bastards, daw, dastard noble, carbonado, decayed dotant, varlet,
foreign recreant, boy of tears, measureless liar, falsehound,
basest thing, beggar, vile one, that-way-accomplished courtier,
flattering rascal, depender on a thing that leans, runagate,
saucy stranger, whoreson jackanapes, whoreson dog, Jackslave,
banished rascal, crafty devil, unpaved eunuch, base wretch,
profane fellow, precious pander, precious varlet, injurious
thief, rustic mountaineer, empty purse, clotpoll, irregulous
devil, sad wrack, kitchen trull, unspeaking sot, most credulous
fool, egregious murderer, dullard, implorator of unholy suits,
adulterate beast, garbage, wretch whose natural gifts were poor,
pernicious,  addicted so and so, fishmonger, satirical rogue,
tedious old fool, quintessence of dust, rogue and peasant slave,
dull and muddy-mottled rascal, pigeon-liver, whore, guilty
creature, breeder of sinners, robustious, periwigpated fellow,
groundling, passion's slave, galled jade, croaking raven,
peacock, bosom black as death, wretched, rash, intruding fool,
mildewed ear, king of shreds and patches, tardy son, sweet wag,
Diana's forester, minion of the moon, Monsieur Remorse, Sir John
Sack and Sugar, madcap, thou latter spring, all-hallown summer,
true-bred coward, fat rogue, slovenly unhandsome corse, popinjay,
forgetful man, thorn, canker, sword-and-buckler prince, wasp-
stung and impatient fool, vile politician, king of smiles,
fawning greyhound, cozener, man of falsehood, foot land-raker,
long-staff sixpenny striker, mad mustachio purple-hued maltworm,
false thief, fat-kidneyed rascal, veriest varlet that ever chewed
with a tooth, whoreson caterpillar, fat chuff, arrant coward,
shallow, cowardly hind, lack-brain, frosty-spirited rogue, pagan
rascal, infidel, mad-headed ape, paraquito, loggerhead, leathern-
jerkin, crystal-button, knot-pated, agate-ring, puke-stocking,
caddis-garter, smooth-tongue, Spanish-pouch, damned brawn,
shotten herring, woolsack, son of darkness, clay-brained guts,
knotty-pated fool, whoreson obscene greasy tallow-catch, pintpot,
ticklebrain, naughty varlet, ungracious boy, tun of man, trunk of
humours, bolting hutch of beastliness, swoll'n parcel of
dropsies, huge bombard of sack, stuffed cloakbag of guts, roasted
Manningtree ox with the pudding in his belly, that reverend Vice,
that grey Iniquity, father Ruffian, Vanity in years, old white-
bearded Satan, Whoremaster, natural coward without instinct,
velvet guard, Sunday citizen, smiling pickthanks, base
newsmonger, shallow jester, rash bavin wit, capering fool,
younker, whoreson, impudent, embossed rascal, nimble-footed
madcap, soused gurnet, revolted tapster, canker of a calm world
and a long peace, tattered prodigal, scarecrow, mad wag, poor
unminded outlaw sneaking home, chewet, fickle changeling, poor
discontent, rag-of-muffin, hot termagent, blunt monster with
uncounted heads, hulk, hilding fellow, dullest peasant in the
camp, foolish compounded clay-man, whoreson mandrake, whoreson
Achitophel, whoreson smooth-pate, hunt counter, ill angel,
beastly feeder, common dog, bastardly rogue, honeyseed rogue,
man-queller and woman-queller, hempseed, scullion, rampallian,
fustilarian, poor mad soul, offending Adam, base tike, Iceland
dog, prick-eared cur of Iceland, egregious dog, braggart vile,
damned furious wight, hound of Crete, lazar kite of Cressid's
kind, cunning fiend, poor miserable wretch, devil incarnate,
vain, giddy, shallow, humorous youth, coward dog, cullion,
swasher, white-livered and red-faced, prince of fiends, bastard
warrior, most lofty runaway, arrant counterfeit rascal, bawd,
cutpurse, gull, wretched and peevish fellow, foolish cur, valiant
flea, foul and ugly witch, bad neighbour, prating coxcomb,
wretched slave with a body filled and vacant mind, child of hell,
superfluous lackey, hilding foe, island carrion, damned and
luxurious mountain-goat, roaring devil, base pander, Jack-sauce,
fellow of no merits, base Troyan, mountain-squire, squire of low
degree, cutpurse of quick hand, fellow of infinite tongue,
prater, effeminate prince, dastard foeman, Jack-out-of-office,
lean raw-boned rascal, hare-brained slave, distrustful recreant,
dunghill groom, peeled priest, usurping proditer, manifest
conspirator, tawny coat, scarlet hypocrite, foe to citizens,
wretched sinner, woeful man, high-minded strumpet, noisome
stench, poor servitor, fiend of hell, deceitful dam, partaker of
a little gain, improvident soldier, trull, silly dwarf, weak and
writhled shrimp, bloodthirsty lord, riddling merchant, pernicious
usurer, viperous worm, shameless courtesan, hag of all despite,
base muleter, peasant footboy, miscreant, hedge-born swain,
presumptuous vassal, traitorous rout, ireful bastard, giglet
wench, upstart, fell banning hag, decrepit miser, base ignoble
wretch, graceless, cursed drab, presumptuous dame, base and
humble mind, tedious stumbling-block, contemptuous base-born
callet, image of pride, false fiend, sicked spirit, meanest
groom, foul offender, idle rascal, hindmost man, bedlam brainsick
duchess, fraudful man, crafty murderer, uncivil kern, mean-born
man, starved snake, shag-haired crafty kern, basilisk, hollow
friend, loathsome leper, contumelious spirit, arrogant
controller, blunt-witted lord ignoble in demeanor, stern
untutored churl, false murd'rous coward, pernicious bloodsucker
of sleeping men, fell serpent, rude unpolished hind, busy
meddling fiend, obscure and lowly swain, jaded groom, base slave,
hag of hell, paltry, servile, abject drudge, lowly vassal, vile
benzonian, banditto slave, silken-coated slave, false
caterpillars, thou serge, thou buckram lord, rude companion,
burly-boned clown, audacious traitor, fell-lurking cur, heap of
wrath, foul indigested lump, mad misleader, foul stigmatic,
sturdy rebel, false peer, poltroon, timorous wretch, brat, she-
wolf, Amazonian trull, proud insulting boy, butcher, crook-back,
foul misshapen stigmatic, shameless callet, wrangling woman,
homely swain, fearful-flying hare, fatal screech-owl, you chaos,
unlick'd bear-whelp, murderous Machiavel, half malcontent,
feigned friend, bug, quicksand of deceit, scolding crookback,
wilful boy, untutord lad, misshapen Dick, bloody cannibal,
devil's butcher, peevish fool, indigest deformed lump, sour
annoy, butcher's cur, malicious censurer, ravenous fish, sick
interpreter, weak one, giant traitor, devfl-monk, bold bad man,
living murmurer, most malicious foe, dilatory sloth, hollow
heart, false professor, stubborn spirit, most arch heretic, poor
undeserver, proud traitor, thou scarlet sin, piece of scarlet,
rank weed, lousy footboy, rude slave, fire-drake, wife of small
wit, calf, cow, half-face, Sir Knob, sparrow, insolent cracker,
thou unadvised scold, cank'red grandam, scroyle, jade, purpose-
changer, sly divel, daily break-vow, smooth-fac'd gentleman, all-
changing word, false blood, ramping fool, cold-blooded slave,
recreant limb, meddling priest, arch-heretic, most sweet lout,
thou odiferous stench, carrion monster, uncleanly scruples,
foolish rheum, lean unwash'd artificer, dunghill, beardless boy,
cock'red silken wanton, misbegotten divel, clod, vassal, idle old
man, whoreson man, clotpoll, mongrel, base football player,
degenerate bastard, marble-hearted fiend, detested kite, eater of
broken meats, lily-livered, action-taking, glass-gazing, super-
serviceable, finical rogue, one-trunk-inheriting slave, brazen-
faced varlet, whoreson cullionly barbermonger, ancient ruffian,
whoreson zed, thou unnecessary letter, wagtail, reverent
braggart, embossed carbuncle, unnatural hag, the foul fiend
Flibbertigibbet, she-fox, ingrateful fox, filthy traitor, milk-
livered man, moral fool, vain fool, doghearted daughter, thou
side-piercing sight, simp'ring dame, rascal beadle, scurvy
politician, gilded butterfly, most toad-spotted traitor, low-
spirited swain, base minnow of mirth, unlettered small-knowing
soul, transgressing slave, most acute juvenal, old love-monger,
wimpled, whining, purblind, wayward boy, senior-junior, giant-
dwarf, Dan-Cupid, regent of love-rhymes, lord of folded arms,
anointed sovereign of sighs and groans, liege of all loiterers
and malcontents, dread prince of plackets, king of codpieces,
sole imperator and great general of trotting 'paritors,
pernicious and indubitate beggar, most simple clown, foolish
extravagant spirit, most profane coxcomb, whoreson loggerhead,
turtle, barren practiser, half-penny purse of wit, pigeon-egg of
discretion, mouse, figure pedantical, some carry-tale, some
please-man, some slight zany, some mumble-news, some trencher's
knight, some Dick, that smiles his cheek in years, libbard's
head, pure wit, foolish mild man, cittern-head, Fortune's
closestool, head of a bodkin, death's face in a ring, man replete
with mocks, rebel's whore, rump-fed ronyon, rat without a tail,
imperfect speaker, instrument of darkness, spongey officer,
infirm of purpose, porter of Hell Gate, you equivocator, you
common enemy of man, you half a soul, water-rug, demi-wolf, best
o' th' cutthroats, grown serpent, horrible shadow, unreal
mock'ry, magot-pie, close contriver of all harms, secret, black,
and midnight hag, filthy hag, you egg, young fry of treachery,
infected mind, cream-fac'd loon, lily-liver'd boy, patch, whey-
face, liar, and slave, clamorous harbinger of blood and death,
Hell-bound, juggling fiend, coward, cruel minister, sanctimonious
pirate, Madam Mitigation, tapster, parcel-bawd, tedious fool,
wicked varlet, caitiff, wicked Hannibal, death's fool, you poor
worm, outward-sainted deputy, beast, faithless coward, dishonest
wretch, wicked bawd, whoremaster, whoremonger, bawd-born, motion
generative, superficial, ignorant, unweighing fellow, ungenitured
agent, notorious bawd, unlawful bawd, gravel heart, rude wretch,
rotten medlar, virgin-violator, wicked'st caitiff on the ground,
arch-villain, pernicious caitiff, blasting and scandalous breath,
saucy friar, very scurvy fellow, unreverend and unhallow'd friar,
goodman baldpate, fleshmonger, thou damnable fellow, giglet,
bald-pated, living rascal, punk, want-wit, Sir Oracle, fool
gudgeon, death's head with a bone in his mouth, dumb-show,
sponge, fawning publican, evil soul, goodly apple rotten at the
heart, cut-throat dog, very devil incarnate, younker, prodigal,
carrion Death, gossip Report, bankrupt, wanton gambol, soft and
dull-eyed fool, most impenetrable cur, bragging Jack, lewd
interpreter, wit-snapper, stony adversary, inhuman wretch, brassy
bosom, rough heart of flint, inexecrable dog, louse, cony-
catching rascal, you Banbury cheese, mountain foreigner, latten
bilbo, bully-rook, bully Hercules, base Hungarian wight, tinder-
box, varlet vile, Mars of malcontents, larron, scurvy Jack- a-
nape priest, greasy knight, drawling, affecting rogue, secure
fool, gibbet, thou unconfinable baseness, cuckoldy rogue,
mechanical salt-butter rogue, damned Epicurean rascal, Lucifer,
Wittol, Cuckold, secure ass, King-Urinal, Monsieur Mock-water,
scurvy Jack-dog priest, scall, scurvy, cogging companion, you
little Jack-a-Lent, unwholesome humidity, gross watery pumpion,
lisping hawthorn-bud, dissembling knight, dishonest rascal,
foolish carrion, turd, mountain of mummy, panderly rascal,
brazen-face, old, cozening queen, you baggage, you polecat, you
ronyon, poor unvirtuous fat knight, superstitious idle-headed
eld, boor, thick-skin, muscle-shell, vile worm, hodgepudding, bag
of flax, puffed man, old, cold, withered, and of intolerable
entrails, great lubberly boy, spotted and inconstant man, jaws of
darkness, waggish boy, thou lob of spirits, fat and bean-fed
horse, rash wanton, progeny of evils, you hard-hearted adamant,
spotted snake with double tongue, thorny hedgehog, lack-love,
kill-courtesy, hempen homespun, cowardly, giantlike oxbeef,
shallowest thickskin of that barren sort, thou cat, thou burr,
vile thing, you juggler, you canker blossom, you thief of love,
you counterfeit, you puppet, thou painted maypole, vixen, you
dwarf, you minimus, of hind'ring knotgrass made, you bead, you
acorn, king of shadows, you runaway, idle gaud, patched fool,
dear Lady Disdain, hard heart, rare parrot-teacher, hypocrite,
professed tyrant, flouting Jack, obstinate heretic, young start-
up, old cuckold with horns on his head, piece of valiant dust,
clod of wayward marl, Prince's jester, toothpicker, my Lady
Tongue, double heart, mother of fools, contaminated stale, ill
singer, foul blot, vane blown with all winds, block, wild heart,
little hangman, truant, hobby-horse, scab, true drunkard,
deformed thief, vile thief, One Deformed, illegitimate
construction, approved wanton, common stale, most foul, thou pure
impiety, foul-tainted flesh, strange sore, Count Comfect, thou
naughty varlet, candle-waster, thou dissembler, dotard, braggart,
milksop, scambling, outfacing, fashion-mongering boy, Calf's
head, capon, woodcock, Lord Lackbeard, cursing hypocrite, shallow
fool, wronger, offender, quondam carpetmonger, Don Worm,
slanderous tongue, double-dealer, martyr slain in Cupid's wars,
Signior Sooth, Pilch, Patch-breech, craver, rudeliest welcome to
this world, poor inch of nature, roastmeat for worms, gosling,
young foolish sapling, malkin, harpy, lown, peevish baggage, herb
woman, thou damned door-keeper, coistrel, baboon, basest groom,
fairy motion, sad fool, ancient substitute, weak slave, heartless
hind, transparent heretic, man of wax, wanton light of heart,
candle-holder, small, grey-coated gnat, round little worm,
princox, loathed enemy, dull earth, open-arse, poperin pear,
young waverer, pale hard-hearted wench, Prince of Cats,
courageous captain of compliments, fashion-monger, saucy
merchant, flirt-gill, skains-mate, you rat-catcher, Good King of
Cats, braggart, worm's meat, wretched boy, sober-suited matron,
serpent heart, beautiful tyrant, fiend angelical, dove-feather'd
raven, wolvish-ravening lamb, despised substance of divinest
show, mistress minion you, you green-sickness carrion, you
tallow-face, young baggage, disobedient wretch, mumbling fool,
wretched puling fool, whining mammet, dishclout, most wicked
fiend, caitiff wretch, thou detestable maw, thou tomb of death,
fiend of hell, rotten apple, aglet-baby, old trot, woodcock,
irksome bawling scold, wildcat, thou hilding of a devilish
spirit, rascal fiddler, twanging Jack, craven, mad-cap ruffian,
swearing Jack, greybeard, wrangling pedant, a very toad,
preposterous ass, old pantaloon, pedascule, mad-brain rudesby,
frantic fool, jolly surly groom, tired jade, mad master, you
three-inch fool, you logger-headed and unpolished groom, you
peasant swain, whoreson malt-horse drudge, heedless jolthead,
unmanner'd slave, proud disdainful haggard, thou false deluding
slave, thou thread, thou thimble, thou flea, thou nit, thou
winter-cricket thou, thou rag, thou quantity, thou remnant,
crack-hemp, mad ass, foul contending rebel, counter-caster, thou
foul thief, thou silly gentleman, finder out of occasions, night-
brawler, lewd minx, young and sweating devil, simple bawd, subtle
whore, thou weed, thou public commoner, impudent strumpet,
insinuating rogue, cogging, cozening slave, scurvy fellow, young
quat, notable strumpet, trash, perjured woman, dolt, murderous
coxcomb, puny whipster, demi-devil, Spartan dog, false trembling
coward, recreant and most degenerate traitor, overwheening
traitor, gilded loam, you painted clay, out-dared dastard,
caitiff recreant, traitor, foul and dangerous, guilty soul,
lunatic, lean-witted fool, most degenerate, a parasite, keeper-
back of Death, banished traitor, caterpillar of the commonwealth,
thou coward majesty, thou little better thing than earth, nimble
mischance, dishonorable boy, you Pilate, thou haught, insulting
man, thou ladder, unruly woman, unthrifty son, young wanton and
effeminate boy, commonest creature, treacherous son, shrill-
voiced supplicant, sour husband, frantic woman, hardhearted lord,
jealous o'erworn widow, nighty gossip, creeping venomed thing,
black magician, unmannered dog, thou dreadful minister of hell,
thou lump of foul deformity, diffused infection of a man,
devilish slave, hedgehog, rancorous enemy, silken, insinuating
Jack, thou cacodemon, wrangling pirate, foul wrinkled witch,
peevish brat, thou hateful withered hag, troubler of the world's
peace, thou elvish-marked, abortive, rooting hog, slave of nature
and the son of hell, thou slander of thy heavy mother's womb,
thou loathed issue of thy father's loins, thou rag of honour,
bottled spider, poisonous bunch-backed toad, malapert, lunatic,
simple gull, sour ferryman, foul fiend, erroneous vassal, traitor
to the name of God, incapable and shallow innocent, idle weed,
parlous boy, covert'st sheltered traitor, tongueless block, iron-
witted fool, unrespective boy, little peevish boy, hellhound,
foul defacer of God's handiwork, excellent grand tyrant of the
earth, carnal cur, Hell's black intelligencer, petty rebel,
relenting fool, shallow, changing woman, doubtful, hollow-hearted
friend, white-livered runagate, wretched, bloody, and usurping
boar, foul swine, tardy sluggard, you base foul stone falsely
set, paltry fellow, milksop, overwheening rag, famished beggar,
poor rat, heir of shame, perfect gallows, you bawling,
blasphemous, incharitable dog, insolent noise-maker, wide-chapp'd
rascal, enemy inveterate, malignant thing, damn'd witch, blue-
eyed hag, freckled whelp hag-born, dull thing, you slave, who
never yields us kind answer, thou earth, thou, thou tortoise,
poisonous slave, thou most lying slave, whom stripes may move,
not kindness, filth as thou art, abhorred slave, thing most
brutish, you hag-seed, beauty's canker, spendthrift of tongue,
strange fish, holiday fool, most delicate monster, moon-calf,
glass-fac'd flatterer, bawd between fold and want, fool in good
clothes, thou damned baseness, thou disease of a friend, sworn
rioter, most smiling, smooth, detested parasite, courteous
destroyer, affable wolf, meek bear, you fool of fortune,
trencher-friend, cap-and-knee slave, you vapour, minute-Jack,
curl'd-pate ruffian, carper, cap of all fools alive, thou issue
of a mangy dog, thou tedious rogue, thou bright defiler of
Hymen's purest bed, poor fragment, slender ort, gross patchery,
foulspoken coward, pretty brabble, saucy controller of private
steps, unmarmerly intruder, foul adultress, fell cur of bloody
kind, you stony image, cold and dumb, thou map of woe, base
bondsman, joyless, dismal, black, and sorrowful issue, hellish
dog, sanguine, shallow-hearted boy, ye white-limed wall, ye
alehouse painted sign, long-tongued babbling gossip, sly frantic
wretch, incarnate devil, walleyed slave, most insatiate and
luxurious woman, inhuman traitor, ravenous tiger, accursed devil,
unhallowed slave, execrable wretch, breeder of dire events,
sneaking fellow, porridge after meat, chaff and bran, drayman,
thou bitch-wolf's son, thou mongrel beef-witted lord, toadstool,
porpentine, thou loathsomest scab in Greece, cobloaf, whoreson
cur, thou stool for a witch, thou sodden-witted lord, scurvy-
valiant ass, thou thing of no bowels, vile owl, fusty nut with no
kernel, trash, one besotted on sweet delights, gilt counterfeit,
paltry, insolent fellow, great-siz'd monster of ingratitude,
valiant ignorance, puling cuckold, still and dumb-discoursive
devil that tempts most cunningly, theme of all our scorns, thou
core of envy, thou crusty botch of nature, idol of idiot-
worshippers, fragment, thou full dish of fool, thou damnable box
of envy, you ruinous butt, you whoreson indistinguishable cur,
thou idle immaterial skein of sleeve silk, thou green sarsenet
flap for a sore eye, thou tassel of a prodigal's purse, thou
finch egg, louse of a lazar, herring without a roe, puttock,
sweet sink, sweet sewer, incontinent varlet, dissembling
abominable varlet, crafty swearing rascal, stale old mouse-eaten
dry cheese, thou boy-queller, most putified core, thou great-
siz'd coward, broker-lackey, fellow o' th' strangest mind i' th'
world, dry fool, mouse of virtue, thou ordinary fool, that has no
more brain than a stone, pickle-herring, thou cruell'st she
alive, babbling gossip, thou common recreation, time-pleaser,
affectioned ass, rascally sheep-biter, metal of India, fellow of
servants, not worthy to touch Fortune's fingers, gross
acquaintance, gull-catcher, notable contempt, thou most excellent
devil of wit, corruptor of words, dear venom, dear manikin, foul
collier, firago, hyperbolical fiend, thou dishonest Satan,
notable pirate, thou salt-water thief, uncivil lady, marble-
breasted tyrant, you very devil incardinate, you passy mesaures
pavin, ass-head, votary to fond desire, worthless post, testy
babe, exceeding puppet, sourest-natured dog that lives, you very
pebble stone, you kind of chameleon, notable lubber, jolt-head,
illiterate loiter, thou subtle, perjured, false, disloyal man,
you whoreson peasant, foolish lout, thou counterfeit to thy true
friend, thou friend of an ill fashion, thou common friend that's
without faith or love, fellow false, cold coward, dainty dominie,
you most coarse frieze capacity, ye jean judgment, scornful
piece, scurvy hilding, Babion with long tail and eke long tool,
scorn of women, changeling, leprous witch, polled bachelor,
simp'ring sire, abandoner of revels, mute contemplative, dam of
horror, sow of lead, you wanton calf, flax-wench, gross lout,
mindless slave, thou thing, bed-swerver, mankind witch, most
intelligencing bawd, callat of boundless tongue, gross hag,
boil'd brains, snapper-up of unconsidered trifles, lowborn lass,
queen of curds and cream, stretch-mouthed rascal, thou fresh
piece of excellent witchcraft, pedlar's excrement, old sheep-
whistling rogue, needy, hollow-eyed, sharp-looking wretch, a
living dead man, one o' th' false ones, this imperceiverant
thing, a very drudge of nature's, a very drab, such a dish of
skim milk, an ingrate and cankered, one not worth gooseberry, so
vile a lout, son and heir of a mongrel bitch, a boil, a plague-
sore, a new Gorgon, a mind diseas'd, a list of an English kersey,
one that serves a bad woman, a breath thou art, an ass-head, a
very valiant trencher-man, a stuffed man, a very forward March-
chick, a very dull fool, merely a dumb-show, one relish'd of a
base descent, the very butcher of a silk button, one half-
lunatic, one full of spleen, a very monster in apparel, such a
snipe, all in all spleen and nothing of a man, one light of
brain, what a slug, the sweating lord, a dumb statue or breathing
stone, a very shallow monster, a very weak monster, a most poor
credulous monster, a puppy-headed monster, a most perfidious and
drunken monster, a most scurvy monster, a most ridiculous
monster, you are the wonder of a poor drunkard, a howling
monster, one opposite to humanity, one whose grossness little
characters sum up, a very camel, a slave whose gall coins
slanders like a mint, a botchy core, a filthy piece of work, a
very land-fish, languageless, a dog-fox not proved worth a
blackberry, a very filthy rogue, a coward and a coistrel, a very
renegado, a most devout coward, religious in it, one full of
bread and sloth, a most unbounded tyrant, a mere dull shadow, a
mere gypsy, you rabble of vile confederates, herd of boils and
plagues, souls of geese, brace of unmeriting, proud, violent,
testy magistrates (alias fools), tongues o' th' common mouth,
petty spirits of region low, foul and pestilent congregation of
vapors, some quantity of barren spectators, gentlemen of the
shade, base contagious clouds, foul and ugly mists of vapours, ye
fat-guts, such toasts-and-butter, discarded unjust servingmen,
nest of hollow bosoms, men of grosser blood, sworn brothers in
filching, men proud of destruction, barbarous people, frosty
people, slanders of the age, fat-brained followers, a sort of
naughty persons, a sort of tinkers, rascal people, simple men,
giddy people, men of malice, wanton boys that swim on bladders,
faithful friends o' th' suburbs, bastards and else, degenerate,
bloody Neroes, rude multitude, summer-flies, kernes and
gallowglasses, weird women, crew of wretched souls, strangely-
visited people, our rarer monsters, wild and wanton herd, geminy
of baboons, newts and blind-worms, crew of patches, rude
mechanicals, that work for bread, a college of wit-crackers, new
tuners of accent, strange flies, these pardon-me's, unconstant
womankind, pictures out of doors, devils being offended, rough,
rug-headed kernes which live like venom, dogs easily won to fawn
on any man, Judases, each one thrice worse than Judas, noisome
weeds, so dissolute a crew, kites and buzzards, a knot of damned
bloodsuckers, a nest of spicery, a sort of vagabonds, rascals,
and runaways, scum of Britains and base lackey peasants, the most
needless creatures living, usurer's men, you knot of mouth-
friends, time's flies, general filths, fools on both sides, crows
and daws, thieves unworthy of a thing so stol'n, dull and
factious nobles, mutable, rank-scented meiny, vagrom men, troll-
my-dames, such waterflies and dimunitives of nature, brethren and
sisters of the hold-door trade, scoundrels and subtractors,
fools' zanies, store of muttons, poor slight sores, some severals
of headpiece extraordinary, foul-mouthed and caluminous knave,
wrangling knave, poor gallant knave, shrewd knave and unhappy,
poor, decayed, ingenius, foolish, rascally knave, foul knave,
knaves that smell of sweat, Fortune's knave, fantastical knave,
naughty knave, Sir knave, sly and constant knave, arrant knave,
untaught knaves, bacon-fed knaves, gorbellied knaves, rascally
yea-forsooth knave, a young knave and begging, arrant, malmsy-
nose knave, the rascally, scauld, beggarly, lousy, pragging
knave, scurvy, lousy knave, a counterfeit cowardly knave, crafty
knaves, a subtle knave, the lying'st knave in Christendom, By
holy Mary, there's knavery! lazy knaves, thou most untoward
knave, my lord's knave, base, proud, shallow, beggarly, three-
suited, hundred-pound, filthy worsted-stocking knave, beastly
knave, stubborn ancient knave, muddy knave, unthrifty knave,
jealous rascally knave, poor cuckoldy knave, jealous wittoly
knave, lousy knave, lunatic knave, shrewd and knavish sprite, a
couple of as arrant knaves as any, little better than false
knaves, scurvy knave, what a pestilent knave is this same,
whoreson beetle-headed, flap-ear'd knave, knave very voluble, a
pestilent complete knave, a slipper and subtle knave, a devilish
knave, most villainous knave, base notorious knave, most unjust
knave, scurvy, doting, foolish knave, scurvy railing knave, a
good knave, a thin-faced knave, horrible villain, villain of the
earth, soulless villain, secret and villainous contriver, trusty
villain, whoreson senseless villain, dissembling villain, hungry,
lean-faced villain, insolent villain, all-worthy villain, thou
villain base, thou double villain, geck and scorn o' th' other's
villainy, smiling, damned villain, bloody, bawdy villain,
remorseless, treacherous, lecherous, kindless villain, stoney-
hearted villain, villainous abominable misleader of youth...

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