Top Ten Good Things About Being a Graduate Student in Sackler

from THE SACKLER MESSENGER, Orientation 1997

10.	Free food for every occasion.
9.	Skinny dipping in the East River
8. 	Time spent commuting to school during rush hour (from University 
	Housing): 2 minutes
7.	Over 180 labs and at least six academic programs to choose from, and a 
	retreat to find out all about them
6.	Handy helicopter in hte back yard to take you wherever you want, day or 
5.	750 free photocopies
4.	If lab drives you crazy, you can go across the street to Bellevue, the 
	psych hospital
3.	Activities office will get you cheap tickets to any show in NYC ... and 
	free tickets to Late Night with David Letterman
2.	Two words: Happy Hour
1.	Convenient proximity to Med students, which serves to constantly remind 
	you how happy you are that you didn't go to Med School.

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