Rabbinical Supervision

	Rabbi Friedman, quite Orthodox did a double-take: there in the restaurant,
	clearly visible through the large window, was the president of his
	congregation. And yes, that was a bowl of clam chowder the waitress was
	setting before him. As the rabbi watched in horror, the main dish, jumbo
	shrimp wrapped in bacon was set down next. Oblivious to the rabbi's disgusted
	visage, the president ate his way through his dinner. As he left the
	restaurant, the rabbi accosted him saying: "you, you of all people, leader of
	the congregation, supposed to be an example, how could you eat such traife!?"

	The president replied: "you saw me eat the soup? And the shrimp?" 

	"Yes, and yes" came the reply. 

	"Then there is no problem - I ate my food under rabbinical supervision!"

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