Poor Lisa's birthday came and went.  Her husband Steve had
  seemingly forgotten to buy her anything for her birthday.  That night
  while in bed, she decided to bring up the incident. "Well, for your
  last birthday", Steve said, "I bought you a very nice hockey stick
  and you never use it.  So, I decided not to buy you anything else
  until you do".  Lisa, understandably a little upset, held back her
  tears and sunk into the pillows. 

  So the months pass and finally it's Steve's birthday.   He got all 
  dressed up and he and Lisa went out for a beautiful meal. After the 
  meal, Lisa presents him his birthday gift and she gives him a little 
  peck on the cheek and a big smile.  Intrigued, Steve enthusiastically 
  unwraps it to find a certificate for a burial plot. 

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