My Son The ...

	 Two elderly Jewish ladies meet on a street corner.
	 "So Sadie, how's by you I haven't seen you in years?"
	 "Marvelous, Rivkeh, things couldn't be better!  My son Harold is an
	 Accountant making lots of money.  My daughter Cynthia married a rich 
	 man, and both of my children have given me beautiful grandchildren 
	 and so much naches...but enough about my what's by you and 
	 your family?"
	 "Oy Sadie, don't ask!  Me, I have such tsores!"
	 "Nu Rivkeh, I'm so sorry to hear that; but what kind of tsores?"
	 "It's my son Arnold.  He revealed to us that he's a faygeleh."
	 "Oy, a faygeleh, what a disaster!"
	 "I know, but we do have a consolation..."
	 "Vos for a consolation with a faygeleh?"
	 "Well, he's going with such a nice Jewish boy who's going to be a 

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