Modern Halloween Costumes

	The Dick Morris Costume (go for the tricks, not the treats)

	The Ross Perot Costume (preshrunk, looked better in '92)

	The JFK Jr. costume (sorry, no longer available)

	The Jack Kevorkian costume (it's to die for)

	The Shannon Lucid costume (look good in the Mir)

	The Joycelyn Elders costume (you'll need a hand to get it on)

	The Heidi Fleiss costume (you have to call to reserve it)

	The Kato Kaelin costume (rents for free)

	The Mark Fuhrman costume (no lie, it's unbelievable)

	The Johnnie Cochran costume (if it doesn't fit, well, you know the rest)

	The Dennis Rodman costume (zipper on the front, and back)

	The Shaquille O'Neal costume (not selling too well, kinda lost its Magic)

	The Al Davis costume (includes luxury boxers)

	The Jim Carrey costume (comes with "Mask")

	The Kramer costume (when trick-or-treating, no need to ring doorbells,
		just walk on in)

	The cast of "Friends" costume (wear this and reject all candy except
		$100,000 Bars)

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