Mental Patient Troubles

	 HARARE, Zimbabwe (04-04) - After 20 mental patients disappeared
	 from his bus, the driver replaced them with sane citizens and delivered 
	 them to a mental hospital.
	 The unidentified bus driver was transporting 20 mental patients from the 
	 capital city of Harare to Bulawayo Mental Hospital when he decided to stop 
	 for a few drinks at an illegal roadside liquor store. Upon his return he 
	 was shocked to discovered that all the mental patients had escaped. 
	 Desperate for a solution, the driver stopped at the next bus stop and 
	 offered free bus rides to several people. He then delivered them to the 
	 mental hospital and informed the staff they were easily excitable.
	 It took the medical personnel three days to uncover the foul play.
	 The real mental patients are still at large.

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