Seminars for Males

(prepared and presented by females)

Once again, the female staff of the University will be offering
courses to men, regardless of marital status. Please note that the 
name of some courses have recently been changed. Attendance to at 
least 10 of the following courses is mandatory. The seminars are in 
great demand, so please register early.


   * Economics

        o  101: Understanding Your Financial Incompetence
        o  102: We Do Not Want Sleazy Under things For Christmas- Give
                Us Money

   * English

        o  101: Spelling-Even You Can Get It Right
        o  102: The Attainable Goal-Omitting "*#?$@" From Your
        o  110: How Not to Act Like an Asshole When You're Obviously

   * Environmental Studies

        o  101: Garbage- Getting It to the Curb
        o  102: Why It Is Unacceptable to Releive Yourself Anywhere
                But the  Bathroom
        o  103: You Can Do Housework Too
        o  104: How to Fill an Icetray
        o  105: How to Put the Toilet Lid Down (must be taken
                concurrently with Environmental Studies 106)
        o  106: Learning to Aim Start- It Can Be Done (must be taken
                with ES 105)

   * Health

        o  101: How to Stay Awake After Sex
        o  102: Parenting- It Doesn't End With Conception (also Psych
        o  103a: You Can Fall Asleep Without IT If You Really Try
        o  103b: The Morning Dilemma- If IT's Awake, Take a Shower
        o  104: Changing Your Underwear- It Really Works
        o  110: You Too Can Be a Designated Driver
        o  201: Honest, You Don't Look Like Mel Gibson- Especially
                When Your Naked (also Psych 201)

   * Leisure Studies

        o  101: The Weekend and Sports Are Not Synonymous
        o  102: How to Go Shopping With a Woman Without Getting Lost
        o  110: Helpful Posture Hints for Couch Potatoes

   * Psychology

        o  100: Combatting Stupidity
        o  101: PMS- Learn When to Keep Your Mouth Shut
        o  102: see Health 102
        o  103: Understanding the Female Response When You Come In
                Drunk at 3am
        o  104: How to Not Act Younger Than Your Children
        o  111: Give Me a Break- Why We Know Your Excuses are Bullshit
        o  201: see Health 201
        o  250: Learning Self-Control- How Not to Pick Your Nose or
                Adjust Your Balls in Public

   * Sociology

        o  101: YOU- The Weaker Sex
        o  102: Reasons to Give Flowers
        o  105: Romanticism- Other Ideas Besides Sex
        o  115: Why Fluffing the Blankets After Farting is Not
        o  210: Male Bonding- How to Leave Your Friends At Their Homes

   * Textiles and Apparels

        o  101: Wonderful Laundry Techniques (Formerly: Don't Wash My
        o  102: I'll Wear It If I Damn Well Please
        o  104: Yes, They Really Smell After Being Worn More Than

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