Top 10 Added Scenes for The Lost World Director's Cut

by Paul

 10. Jeff Goldblum's other Asian 10-year old soccer playing son stows
     aboard for the adventure, thankfully saving everyone from a Raptor
     with his ball dribbling skills.

  9. The T-Rex crosses the border from San Diego, thus wreaking havoc
     on and destroying Tijuana - fortunately it's an improvement.

  8. Instead of having to actually walk to the Control Center, Vince
     Vaughn uses the Mercedes' wire pulley system to pull it across the
     island to them.

  7. Jeff Goldblum wires a Speak N' Spell, a saw blade, an umbrella and
     an old record player together in order to call home and get help.

  6. Richard Attenborough's heart wrenching scene in which he molds a
     large pile of dinosaur feces and exclaims, "This means something!"

  5. A cameo scene in which Will Smith appears to help Jeff Goldblum
     and exclaims, "Those are mother-fucking dinosaurs!"

  4. The small, green, flocking creatures join the T-Rex aboard the
     ship to San Diego, where they disguise themselves as vibrating
     stuffed-animals, of which a shortage soon-after occurs - causing
     a violent and heart-pumping climax in Toys-R-Us.

  3. Due to their constant viewing of the original JURASSIC PARK, the
     incredibly intelligent Raptors quickly realize the sequel is
     exactly the same, locate the humans, and kill them all.

  2. Vince Vaugn chastizes Pete Postlewaithe for employing Jeff
     Goldblum's daughter to polish the insides of his gun barrels, just
     because her hands are small enough.

  1. The re-attachment of the originally shot ending, in which Jeff
     Goldblum uses a Macintosh Powerbook to upload a biological virus
     through his cell phone to the T-Rex, thus killing them and saving
     the world from destruction.

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