The Andrew Lloyd Webber Song

(sung to the tune of "Memory" from "Cats")

Have you heard of Andrew Lloyd Webber?
	Heís had eight hits on Broadway with the very same score.
If his songs sound familiar to you itís because
	You have heard them... all before.

Memíry, he has such a good memíry
	He can take an old standard and revamp it to sell.
Even the song I am singing to you
      Is "Bolero," by Ravel.

There are those who claim and state
	His talent is persistence.
Iíve seen his shows, and I would say his... ..."talent"
	Approaches non-existence.

Lyrics, he will crucify lyrics
	He will
        And not even think twice.
He can do this, because T.S. Eliot is... ...dead,
        And Tim Rice is... ...well, Tim Rice.

As - for - end-ings - he - will - make - them - te-di-ous - and -
        The tune is saggy and the cat is craggy, and just as you ... start

KEY CHANGE!  He will throw in a KEY CHANGE!
	Use a cheap modulation for the final assault.
Weíve all seen him at the Antoinette Perry Awards,
	Winning Tonys...   by default...

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