The Lawyer and the Little Boy

One day a lawyer tried to call one of his clients.  When a little boy 

Lawyer:  Hello, can I talk you dad please?

Boy (Whisper):  He's busy.

L:  Well can I talk to your mom then?

B (Whisper):  No, she's busy too.

L:  Is there anybody else there I can talk to then?

B (whisper):  The fire department.

L:  Can I talk to one of them then?

B (whisper) :  They're busy.

L:  Who else is there then?

B (whisper):  The police department.

L:  Really?  Can I talk to one of them?

B (whisper):  No, they're busy too.

L:  Let me get this straight.  Your Mom & Dad are busy, the fire 
	departments there, and they're busy.  You also have the police 
	department there, and they are all busy.  What are they ALL doing?

B (whisper):  Looking for me.

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