A Kosher Kitchen

Perhaps you know the story about Chaim who is emigrating to Israel, and the 
customs officer at Haifa points out that you can bring in ordinary household 
appliances without duty, but how come he is trying to bring in 7 refrigerators.  

Chaim explains: "I'm Orthodox, so I need one for milchig, one for fleischig, 
and one for parve."  Okay, says the customs officer, that's 3, not 7.

"Well," says Chaim, "the first three are for regular.  I need another three 
for Pesach, also milchig, fleischig, and parve."   Fine, says the officer, 
that's 6.  Why 7?

"So nu," says Chaim, "if I want to eat a little treyf once in a while?"

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