The Jewish Macarena

(Or, You Lead, But I Won't Follow)

     The Reconstructionist Macarena:

     The dance has been completely re-choreographed, but they still 
     use the music so we know it's the Macarena.

     The Reform Macarena:

     The traditional dance is on the books, but each row of dancers is 
     free to interpret the music and determine what steps will be danced 
     and how (Modern Reform has opted to retain the wiggle, but not the 
     Classical Reform). Of course, they all start dancing at least four 
     bars into the song, and usually end the dance early.

     The Conservative Macarena:

     All aspects of the traditional Macarena are retained, but there 
     is mixed dancing. Most women cover their heads with their hands, but 
     some place the hands at the back of the head as a token gesture, just 
     to show they know the head is supposed to be covered during that step. 
     In some progressive, egalitarian Conservative circles, the women lead.

     The Orthodox Macarena:

     All dancers pay strict attention to all details and never miss a 
     step, but tend to rush through the dance using their own rhythms. They 
     will not cross themselves by placing their hands across their 
     stomachs, and so have ruled a heter to replace that step with a few 
     bars of shuckling. As a "fence" to prevent any step from being missed, 
     the song is played twice and the dance repeated. Rules of mechitazah 
     are strictly maintained, so the wiggle has lost some of its "umph".

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