Hairdresser Lies

  	1.      I'm only taking off half an inch
  	2.      I'll be with you in five minutes
  	3.      It's just the light in here.
  	4.      I use it myself.
  	5.      It's a new technique.
  	6.      The color will fade.
  	7.      The perm will soften up and drop.
	8.      It will only take a day to get used to it.
	9.      It suits you.
	10.    It's easy to manage.
	11.    It's all the rage in New York.
	12.    It looks better short.
	13.    It won't be frizzy - just a soft curl.
	14.    It's just dry scalp.
	15.    I remember how I did it last time.
	16.    It's very natural - no one would guess you've had streaks.

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