English and Language Humor

  • Advertising Blunders
  • And Ne'er the Twain Shall Meet
  • B.O.O.K. tm
  • The Duel
  • End of the World Headlines
  • English is a Crazy Language
  • Green Eggs and Hamlet
  • Had had had had had had had a riddle
  • How to Address a Politically-Correct, Non-Sexist Business Letter
  • How to Rite Good
  • Jabberwocky After a Trial By Spell Checker
  • Obvious Headlines
  • Only Dweebs Read Books!!
  • Oops!! Coca Cola Typo!!
  • Owed [sic] to a Spell Checker
  • Pun-ny
  • Sniglets
  • Stop That Bulletin!!
  • The Three Little Politically Correct Pigs
  • Twain English
  • Verbose Mother Goose
  • Verbs is Fun
  • Vowels to Bosnia
  • Worst Analogies Ever Written

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