You Know You're Growing Older When ...


 * You refer to your accountant as "that nice young man."
 * You have shoes older than your new assistant.
 * Your office nickname (formerly "Whiz Kid") is now Den other
 * You can recite the lyrics to "Stop in the Name of Love," but
   you can't remember your new area code.
 * You try to call your oldest child to dinner, but you run through
   everyone else's name (including several dwarfs) before you hit it.
 * The drive-thru attendant calls you "ma'am" before he even gets
    a look at you.
 * You now believe that Elvis died young.
 * You hear yourself say, "This too shall pass."
 * You also hear yourself say, "I used to know that."
 * You're on your third mid-life crisis.
 * You name your cats Gin and Seng.
 * Your crows feet have blossomed into a world class aviary.
 * You get tired just looking at the pregnant woman with the
    screaming toddler, behind you in line.
 * You look at that pregnant woman with the screaming toddler,
    smile broadly, and keep on walking!!

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