The Girlfriend Machine


The following are some specification requirements.

  *  Make and Model       : Human/Woman

  *  Year                 : 1974 - 1978

  *  Mileage              : Low (prefer ~0)

  *  Engine               : Three Cylinder (V-1 position)
                            Multi-port Injection
                            Single fuel intake/double exhaust
                            (all three usable)
                            Very low noise
                            Quick acceleration (Zero to Sixty Nine
                            in <8 sec.)
                            A lot of horse power (must feel it)
                            No exhaust fumes or smoke

  *  Transmission         : Manual
                            Over-drive required
                            Ease of use of the stick shift is a plus

  *  Clutch               : Good condition, should be able to handle
                            hard driving in the city.

  *  Breaks               : Front - Disk, Rear - Cylinder (no leaks in
                            the system and enough fluids)

  *  Radiator             : No boiling
                            Quick warm up and cool down

  *  Body                 : No Dents/Excellent Condition (well kept)
                            Color - any (original hood color)
                            Detailing - as needed but not over-done
                            Blinking lights-any color (prefer blue)
                            Weight - Less than 115 lb
                            Pleasant Grill
                            Easily Convertible (Remover cover at will)
                            Comfortable Driver Seat
                            Front and Back Double Soft-Cushion(tm)
                            suspension. Slim but adequate tires
                            Absolutely no rust (must be checked and
                            Clean inside (should be able to eat off it)

  *  Cost                 : Less than the Bill of rights

 **  EFI = Easy Front Interface

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