Genetic Plasma Production

From: Georges McIntry, Director of Research and Development
Syngenics Corporation

To: Ann Moody,  Director of sales,
Syngenics Corporation
RE; Your request for information on research program 167-3,  Genetic
plasma production.

Ms  Moody;

Pursuant to your request, here is an abbreviated breakdown of our
findings about genetic manipulation and the production of bodily fluids
for medical use.  As you know, there has been an ongoing investigation
into the possibility of introducing certain human genetic elements into
plant species in order to manufacture chemicals vital to the medical
community.  To this date our findings  are not entirely conclusive.
However, the following describes  our best guesses as to the commercial
feasibility of this project.

Our early experiments using hybrid tomato plants to produce blood
components have been moderately successful.  Our major problem to this
date has been the extraction of these components from the vegetable
matter after production.  Certain procedures involving centrifuges look
promising at this time.

A more promising  experiment  has been performed using hydroponically
grown hybrid carrots to produce blood plasma.  As you can see this would
be a very profitable endeavor should it become successful.  We have had
problems with the combination of the blood plasma produced in this
manner  with the red blood cells produced in the earlier  experiment.
To date no surgically suitable blood replacement solution has been
formed with this process.

The most recent experiment  was performed using elements from both
earlier attempts.  We infused the genetic instructions for both blood
plasma and the blood cells into one host organism.  Unfortunately this
experiment has been a failure.   Apparently there really isn't any way
to get blood out of a turnip.


Georges McIntry
Director of Research and Development

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