Fry Tim McVeigh

(to the tune of YMCA)

		Trials - there's one every day
		I said trials - spent 2 years with OJ
		With these trials - now we're on Tim McVeigh
		And there's one thing we want to say

		We want the jury to
		FRY Tim Mcveigh
		We want the jury to
		FRY Tim McVeigh
		We don't want no parole
		We don't want no appeal
		We don't want no big bargain deal

		We want the jury to
		FRY Tim McVeigh
		WE want the jury to
		FRY Tim McVeigh
		Send him straight to the chair
		Shave his crewcut - dork hair
		And don't stop till he's medium rare
		We know - he's a murdering scum
		We think - he should be strung up by his thumbs
		For what he did - with his rented truck bomb
		And now that the trial has begun

		Connections - there's a new one each week
		They've been published - by some internet geek
		And by Playboy - we know they'd never lie
		It's all there right by Miss July

		repeat chorus

		Lawyers - we won't let this one go
		So reserve him - the best room on death row
		In the meantime - while he waits in the pen
		Let's hope some hulk makes Tim his girlfriend !

		repeat chorus

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