E-Mail Survival Guide

A Translation of all the acronyms out there on the 'net

  AFAIC         As Far As I'm Concerned
  AISI          As I See It
  ANFAWFOS      And Now For A Word From Our Sponsor
  ANFAWFOWS     And Now For A Word From Our WEB Sponsor
  AOL           Assholes On Line
  ASAP          As Soon As Possible
  ASAFP         As Soon As Friggin Possible
  AWGTHTGTTA    Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again
  AWGTHTGTTSA   Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Shit Again
  B4            Before
  BCNU          Be Seeing You
  BFD           Big Fucking Deal
  BK            Bo Knows
  BNF           Big Name Fan
  BOT           Back On Topic
  BTSOOM        Beats The Shit Out Of Me
  BT            Byte This!
  BTW           By The Way
  BTWBO         Be There With Bells On
  CIAO          Goodbye
  CIS           CompuServe Information Service
  CMF           Count My Fingers!
  CTC           Choaking The Chicken
  CUL           Catch You Later/See You Later
  CUL8R         See You Later
  CWYL          Chat With You Later
  DBEYR         Don't Believe Everything You Read
  DDD           Direct Distance Dial
  DHYB          Don't Hold Your Breath
  DILLIGAD      Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
  DQYDJ         Don't Quit You're Day Job
  DYSTSOTT      Did You See The Size Of That Thing
  FE            Fatal Error
  FTASB         Faster Than A Speeding Bullet
  FTL           Faster Than Light
  FUBAR         Fucked Up Beyond All Repair
  FUBB          Fucked Up Beyond Belief
  FWIW          For What It's Worth
  FYI           For Your Information
  FYM           For Your Misinformation
  GE            GEnie Information Service
  GEE           No, GTE
  GIGO          Garbage In, Garbage Out
  GIWIST        Gee, I Wish I'd Said That
  GR&D          Grinning Running & Ducking
  HAK           Hugs And Kisses
  HUYA          Head Up Your A$$
  HHOK          Ha Ha, Only Kidding
  HHO1/2K       Ha Ha, Only Half Kidding
  HIOOC         Help! I'm Out Of Coffee!
  HTH           Hope This Helps
  HUA           Heads Up, Ace
  IAC           In Any Case
  IAE           In Any Event
  IANAL         I Am Not A Lawyer
  IANAC         I Am Not A Crook
  IAO           I Am Outtahere
  IBCNU         I'll Be Seeing You
  IBTD          I Beg To Differ
  IFABCTE       I Found A Bug, Call The Exterminator
  IITYWTMWYKM   If I Tell You What This Means Will You Kiss Me
  IITYWTMWYBMAD If I Tell You What This Means Will You Buy Me A Drink
  IITYWTMWYLMA  If I Tell You What This Means Will You Leave Me Alone
  IIWM          If It Were Me
  ILSHIBAMF     I Laughed So Hard I Broke All My Furniture
  ILSHIBMS      I Laughed So Hard I Broke My Stitches
  IMCO          In My Considered Opinion
  IMHO          In My Humble Opinion
  IMNSHO        In My Not So Humble Opinion
  IMO           In My Opinion
  INPO          In No Particular Order
  IOW           In Other Words
  ISP           Internet Service Provider
  KISS          Keep It Simple Stupid
  L8R           Later
  LD            Long Distance
  LDTTWA        Let's Do The Time Warp Again
  LLTA          Lots And Lots Of Thunderous Applause
  LOL           Laughing Out Loud
  LSHHTCMS      Laughed So Hard, Had To Change My Shorts
  LTIP          Laughing Till I Puke
  MTFBWY        May The Force Be With You
  NBFD          No Big Fucking Deal
  NFW           No Fucking Way
  NRN           No Reply Necessary
  NYCFS         New York City Finger Salute
  OAUS          On An Unrelated Subject
  OATUS         On A Totally Unrelated Subject
  OATIS         On A Totally Irrelevant Subject
  OBTW          Oh By The Way
  OI            Operator Indisposed
  OMIK          Open Mouth, Insert Keyboard
  ONNA          Oh No, Not Again
  ONNTA         Oh No Not This Again
  OOTC          Obligatory On Topic Comment
  OTOH          On The Other Hand
  OTOOH         On The Other Other Hand
  OTSH          On The Same Hand
  OWTTE         Or Words To That Effect
  OZ            Australia
  PITA          Pain In The A$$
  PMF           Pull My Finger
  RBTL          Read Between The Lines
  RML           Read My Lips
  RMM           Read My Mail
  ROTFL         Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  ROTM          Right On The Money
  RSN           Real Soon Now
  RTFM          Read The Fucking Manual (or Message)
  SH            Shit Happens
  SH2M          Shit Happens To Me
  SITD          Still In The Dark
  SOI           Sit On It
  SOL           Shit Outta Luck
  STM           Spank The Monkey
  SysOp         System Operator
  SYP           Send Your Password
  TAFL          Take A Flying Leap
  TANSTAAFL     There Ain't No Such Than A Free Lunch
  TDTM          Talk Dirty To Me
  TFASB         Time For A Sex Break
  TFN           Thanks For Nothin'
  TIA           Thanks In Advance
  TIC           Tongue In Cheek
  TISEC         Tongue In Someone Else's Cheek
  TLA           Three Letter Acronym (such as this)
  TM            Trust Me
  TSR           Terminate and Stay Resident
  TSR           Totally Stuck in RAM
  TTT           That's The Ticket
  TWHAB         This Won't Hurt A Bit
  VI            Village Idiot
  WDIPME        Where Did I Put My Excedrin
  WGAFS         Who Gives A Flying Squat
  WIT           Wordsmith In Training
  WMG           Wheres My Glasses
  WTHDTIM       What The Hell Do These Initials Mean
  WTSDS         Where The Sun Don't Shine
  WEB           World Wide Wait
  WYSIWYG       What You See Is What You Get
  WYSIUWYW      What You See Isn't Usually What You Want
  YGBK          You Gotta Be Kiddin'

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