Dogs and Computers: Same or Different?

 Favorite Food
    Dogs: kibbles
    Computers: bits

 Method used to end undesirable behavior
    Dogs: hit with rolled up newspaper
    Computers: hit control-alt-delete

  After destruction of personal property
    D: dog not found
    C: file not found

  Favorite trick
    D: roll over
    C: play dead

  Comic-page hero
    D: Dogbert
    C: Dilbert

  Fun way to mess with their heads
    D: peanut butter on roof of mouth
    C: peanut butter in CD-ROM drive

  Consequence of virus
    D: replace valuable carpeting
    C: replace valuable data

  Widely ignored government mandate
    D: leash law
    C: Communications Decency Act

  Waste disposal tool
    D: pooper-scooper
    C: uninstaller

  Sensitive internal procedures
    D: must be undertaken by fully qualified professional
    C: may be undertaken by that guy at work who fixed one
         kind of like this once

  Method of marking territory
    D: lifting leg
    C: "Designed for Windows 95"

  Unique behavior
    D: lick and drag
    C: click-and-drag

  Inexplicable physical feature
    D: dewclaw
    C: scroll lock key

  Estimated lifespan
    D: 12 years
    C: 12 months

  At end of useful life
    D: euthanasia
    C: tax deduction

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