P is for the popcorn you pop so you have something to eat in your hands
	     so you can't type your paper

	R is for all of the reading that you are afraid to start becuase you    
	     know that you won't remember it tomorrow anyway
	O is for the overwhelming amount of time that one can manage to waste in
	     an evening instead of doing work

	C is for the crying you will do when you realize what types of grades   
	     you are going to get because you haven't done your work

	R is for the radio dial that you are playing with so that you know when
             you do start your work there will be good tunes on

	A is for the the grade that you won't be getting on the paper that you
	     are trying to avoid writing

	S is for the soup that you make when you are done with the popcorn so   
             you continue to have something to occupy your hands

	T is for the test that you have at 9:00am tomorrow and you haven't yet
	     began to study for

	I is for the insane amount of time that you are wasting by reading this

	N is for the nodding off in class that you will be doing tomorrow after
	     staying up all night avoiding your work

	A is for the amazing typing skills that you have developed since you 
	     have become an email freak

	T is for the terrible grade that you know that you are going to get
	     anyway, so why bother studying

	I  is for the inevitable fact that you just know that your work isn't
	     going to get done tonight

	O is for the outstanding organization of your desk that you have managed
	     to accomplish while "getting ready" to work

	N is for never giving up on the belief that you will eventually do all
 	     the work that needs to be done.

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