Campus Pranks

* A friend of mine at U of Chicago once calculated the resonant
frequency of his dorm's stairwells, bought a test record with that tone
on it and played it into the stairwells from a number of stereos.
Apparently had the entire building shaking visibly before they got
scared enough to turn it off.

* When living in the dorms, I offered to make soup for everyone on a
Sunday night (when dorms don't usually serve a meal).  I made the soup
in a toilet bowl, using several of those coil cup heaters.  Looked
good, but no one tried it.

* I had a friend who lived in a room next to the study lounge.  The
night before finals, I invited him up to my room and then phoned his
room, letting the phone ring until the angry mob in the study lounge
broke down the door and ripped the phone off the wall.

* Someone was foolish enough to penny me into her own room.  Amongst
other things, I placed a call to the US Embassy in Nepal.  The call was
completed and rung back some time the next day.

* Ran an imaginary student for a student government position.  He was
named after a dog.  He didn't actually make the ballot because his
false ID was discovered by the administration, but he still won on
write-in votes.

* I had a white cane and dark sunglasses, and I would go with a friend
of mine to a Mall, where he would lead me around as if I was blind.
However, he would be deliberately cruel, leading me into pillars,
telling me the wrong number of steps, and so on.  People would get very

* I once learned the day before that a professor would be late to one
of his classes the next day.  I made up a "pop quiz" that was
incredibly hard, and then showed up and handed it out to the class,
telling them that I was a grad student the prof had sent to proctor.

* A friend and I put on surgical greens, masks, booties and so on, and
then splashed red food coloring on ourselves.  Then we burst into the
medical library, arguing loudly, and go over to the reference copy of
Gray's Anatomy.  I leaf through it, peer at a picture, and point and
say triumphantly "See, I *told* you it was on the left side.  What are
you, dyslexic?"  My friend looks abashed, shrugs, and we walk out.

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