Buzz Word Phrase Synthesizer

Anyone who is familiar with the academic, business or government worlds   
knows that there seems to be a rule that says  "When choosing between a   
simple and a more abstract term, always pick the more confusing one".

In the past, this has been a great setback for clear-headed writers and   
speakers. But now modern technology has now found a solution - the   
Systematic Buzz Phrase Synthesizer.

The synthesizer is simple to use. Whenever you want to say nothing in an   
authoritative way, simply pick any three-digit number, and then get the   
matching word from each column. For example, 424 produces "functional   
monitored programming," which should impress anyone untrained in   
detecting high-level abstractions.

  COLUMN 1            COLUMN 2             COLUMN 3

0 Integrated        0 Management         0 Options
1 Total             1 Organisational     1 Flexibility
2 Systematised      2 Monitored          2 Capability
3 Parallel          3 Reciprocal         3 Mobility
4 Functional        4 Digital            4 Programming
5 Responsive        5 Logistical         5 Concept
6 Optional          6 Transitional       6 Time-phase
7 Synchronised      7 Incremental        7 Projection
8 Compatible        8 Fourth-generation  8 Hardware
9 Balanced          9 Policy             9 Contingency

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