Brothers in Crime


  A mobster had found the perfect person to keep his books: a 
  deaf-mute CPA.  Whenever the mobster and the accountant needed to
  communicate, the accountant's brother, who was one of the
  mobster's lawyers, would use sign language and serve as an
  interpreter.  One day the mobster realized his books were short
  $3 million.  He called in the two brothers.  Looking at the
  lawyer and pointing to the accountant, he screamed, "You tell
  this son-of-a-bitch I want to know where my money is!"  The 
  brothers conversed briefly, and the lawyer reported that his
  brother had no idea what the mobster was talking about.  Furious,
  the mobster put a gun to the accountant's head and screamed at
  the lawyer brother, "Tell this bastard that he lets me know -- 
  right now -- where the damn money is or I'll blow his brains
  out!"  The lawyer told this to his brother, who immediately
  explained -- in frantic sign language -- that the money was
  hidden in a suitcase under his basement steps.  

  "Well?  What'd he say?" yelled the mobster. 

  The lawyer shrugged, "He says you don't have the balls."

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