Three guys in a bar: a Texan, a Californian, and a Boulderite.
   (person from Boulder, Colorado)  They drink, they get crazy.

   The Texan grabs a bottle of Tequila, unscrews the top, takes
   a good swig, and throws the bottle into the air.  He then pulls
   out a .45 pistol and shoots the bottle, spraying Tequila all
   over everything. The other patrons at the bar shout,

   "Hey, why'd you waste that?"  

   The Texan says, "Heck, it's just Tequila.  Where I come from, we got 
   lotsa Tequila."

   The Californian, not to be outdone, whips out a corkscrew and opens
   a bottle of wine, pours a little bit into a glass, swirls the glass,
   sniffs, and sips the wine, then throws the bottle in the air and
   shoots it with a little silver pistol. The patrons again express
   their displeasure and astonishment at the wast.But the Californian
   replies, "I'm from Napa.  We have plenty of wine".

   The Boulderite borrows a bottle opener from the bartender, pops
   the top off a bottle of Boulder beer and downs it.  He throws the
   empty bottle into the air, shoots the Californian and the Texan,
   then catches the falling bottle.

   The patrons scream, "Why'd you do that???!!!"

   The Boulderite replies, "I'm from Boulder.  We have plenty of Texans
   and Californians, but I really should recycle this bottle."

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