I think that I shall never see
	Worse use of the apostrophe

	Than greets me early every day,
	As morning papers come my way.

	The St. Pete Times reports the date
	Of *it's* vice president debate. (1)

	How often we see mis-used "it's"
	Enough to give us pedants fits!

	The signs in town find "pig's" for "pigs"
	And "car's" and "bar's" and "wig's" for "wigs"

	TruValue is the store for "key's"
	And one place offers "canopy's" (!)

	If you've apostrophes to spare,
	I'd like some "robin's" for my hair.

	Meanwhile we'll try, the fools like me,
	To tame the wild apostrophe.

(1) St. Petersburg Times, Monday Sept. 23, Page 1, lead article, Julia Campbell byline. Headline: "A day after St. Petersburg learned it's presidential debate would carry vice in the title, the debate continued over how the switch came about."

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