The Top 16 Surprises in the Final Episode of "Seinfeld"

	16> 105-year-old Elaine recounts how Jerry's apartment hit an  
	15> Jerry reveals to all that he, Paul Rieser and Richard Lewis 
	    are actually the same person.  
	14> Mulder and Scully bust in to kill Kramer, who was sent here 
	    as part of a diabolical alien plot, but he's already escaped 
	    to join the cast of "3rd Rock from the Sun."  
	13> Jerry wakes up next to Bob Newhart and realizes it was all 
	    just a dream.  
	12> *George* awakens from a long nightmare to find Bobby Ewing 
	    in his shower.  
	11> Bikini waxing accident leaves Elaine follically impaired.  
	   (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)  
	10> George Michael guest stars as "Master Of His Domain."  
	 9> Jerry finally accomplishes his goal of dating every single
	    woman in NYC.  His number is then retired into the rafters
	    with Wilt Chamberlain's.  
	 8> Everyone watches helplessly as the Soup Nazi invades Poland.
	 7> George gets crushed by a falling beam at Yankee Stadium.
	 6> Jerry, Kramer, George and Newman compare their nude sketches
	    of Elaine.  
	 5> Newman goes postal -- 8 dead, 14 wounded.  
	 4> A wacky new spin-off, "Minefield", is born when Elaine
	    introduces the gang to her pregnant "roommate", played by 
	    the irrepressible Jodie Foster.  
	 3> Jerry's hot new girlfriend tricks him into appearing with 
	    her on the "I'm dating a prissy, neurotic mama's boy!" 
	    episode of Jenny Jones.  
	 2> Kramer shoots himself in the head mere moments after Jerry	
	    finally locks his front door.  
	and the Number 1 Surprise in the Final Episode of "Seinfeld"...
	 1> Special surprise appearance by Shoshanna Lowenstein's
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