The "Break Up" of the Titanic -- 14 Things Learned From the Movie

	1. A music score of ten notes will win an Academy Award.

	2. People will pay to see a movie about a boat that never left 
		the dock.

	3. You can actually win a transatlantic boat ticket in a bar 
		card game without getting killed.

	4. No one thinks anything less of you if you wear the same clothes
		throughout the entire movie.

	5. Just about anyone can do a bad Italian accent and get away 
		with it.

	6. If you really love each other you can run anywhere on a ship and 
		not get caught.

	7. How to spit.

	8. That you can hang off the railings of a ship and not get caught.

	9. That you have to be wheel-chaired around deck but still can manage 
		to hang off the rails and not get caught.

	10. That the guy who played Dr. M'Benga from Bewitched is still around.
	11. That History is not as important as a good special effect.

	12. Looking young and straight teeth are good substitutes for quality
	13. A sinking ship will throw off your aim while firing a .45 at point
		blank range.

	14. The ship would never have sunk if Captain Kirk was on the bridge.

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