Top Ten Good Things About a Blizzard in New York City

As presented on the 12/19/95 broadcast of LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN


	 10. Good chance those people who always say "Cold enough for 
		ya?" will be buried under an avalanche. 
	 9. Kids can enjoy sleigh rides with an empty grocery carton and 
		tethered rats. 
	 8. Heavy snow makes it slightly harder to get arson fires started. 
	 7. Many muggers just call in sick. 
	 6. Snow-capped mountains of uncollected trash. 
	 5. My white mink coat doesn't attract as much attention. 	
	 4. Feels like hitting a mogul when you ski over a dead body in 
		Central Park. 
	 3. Because of dangerous conditions, on my drive to work I slow 
		down to 90 MPH. 
	 2. A large bear reported to be rooting through trash cans turns 
		out to be Andy Rooney in a fur coat. 
	 1. Loudmouth jerks get frostbite on middle finger. 

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