The Ten Types of Usenet Users

	The Lurker -- Never posts, never replys just observes.

	The Vulture -- Never posts, but ready and waiting to point out any fault in
		your post.

	The Knit Picker -- Never posts but will break down, question and analyze
		your post until it is no longer funny.

	The Poacher -- Never posts, but will reply to another post with a better or
		different punchline, stealing the laugh.

	The Flame Fodder -- Usually a newbie who asked a lame question, usually in
		the wrong group.  No mercy is shown.

	The News Cop -- Only ever post to tell people they are in the wrong group
		or to stop spamming etc.

	The Wacko -- Will often post a message or joke which makes no sense.  The
		wacko will never post again.  Strange.

	The Spammer -- we all HATE the spammer!!!!

	The Stealth Spammer -- Post Spams that need to be read before you can tell
		its a spam.
	The Hero -- This brave person often posts at the mercy of the Vultures,
		Knit pickers and the Poachers.

	Which are you?

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